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Rhinoplasty : Otherwise known as nasal correction surgery. This cosmetic purposes is intended for people who are unhappy with one or other feature of their nose.

Who should have this operation?
Rhinoplasty or nasal correction surgery for cosmetic purposes is intended for people who are unhappy with one or other feature of their nose. The tip might be too big, the nose might be too long or broad or there might be an unsightly hump on the top of the nose.

In deciding what to change on a nose, it is essential that the patient and the surgeon have a very good level of communication in order that the final result will be as close as possible to the expectations of the patient. If the surgeon does not understand exactly what the patient is looking for, the likelihood of a satisfactory result will be seriously diminished.

Will I be very bruised and swollen?
Bruising occurs in every rhinoplasty especially if the bones are broken. It usually lasts for seven to ten days.

There is always swelling. This settles, for the most part, in a few weeks. There is, however, a residual, minor degree of swelling which may take up to nine months to resolve. What this means is that you will not see the final result of this operation until that time period has passed while the appearance off the nose continues to improve, albeit minimally.

How is the operation performed?
The surgery is done from the inside of the nose with external cuts only being used for reducing the base of the nose; a very uncommon but useful addition to the procedure.

What sort of anaesthesia is required?
Nasal surgery is performed under general anaesthesia

How long will the operation take?
Depending on what has to be done, the duration of this operation is generally from one to one and a half hours.

Is the operation very painful?
Despite the need to break bones as well as work on the cartilage of the nose, this operation is relatively pain free. There is discomfort with the nose being blocked and stuffy, but it is most unusual for the patient to have much pain.

Will there be dressings?
The nose will be taped on the tip and you will have a shield on the nose for one week. The nose is usually plugged for a few hours after the operation.

Will I have to stay in hospital?
This operation is performed on an outpatient basis. It is extremely rare for a patient to have to stay in hospital overnight