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Forehead lift : As the name implies, a forehead lift entails elevating and stretching the forehead skin to remove wrinkles and to lift droopy eyebrows.

Who should have one?

This procedure is indicated as an adjunct to facelift surgery in one out of every ten to fifteen facelifts as not every patient's forehead is mobile and droopy.

How is the operation done?

There are two methods for achieving elevation of the forehead.

The first is to make an incision right across the top of the head from ear to ear. This is the more conventional method and while it involves a long incision is very effective in allowing mobilisation of the forehead and removal of excess skin and muscle.

The second method is called Endoscopic Forehead Lift and involves three small incisions within the hair line through which an endoscope (small operating telescope) and the surgical instruments are passed. The skin of the forehead is freed, muscles creating skin creases and wrinkles are removed surgically, and the skin is then moved upwards and backwards and fixed by screws or sutures to the skull in order to maintain the elevation of the forehead and eyebrows. The technique must be scrupulously applied or the patient can be left with a permanently surprised look after this procedure.

What sort of anaesthesia is required?
This procedure may be done under local anaesthetic with sedation or under a general anaesthetic.

How long does the operation take?
From sixty to ninety minutes.

Is the operation very painful?
Moderate pain and discomfort can be expected for two to three days after this operation. It is not unusual to have numbness of the forehead for some months after this type of surgery.

How long will I need to remain in hospital?
You will go home the same day.

How long will I need to hide from friends or miss work?

You should plan on being away from work and friends for ten to fourteen days.

What about exercise after the operation?

You should avoid strenuous exercise for ten days after this type of surgery.

Are there any complications associated with this operation?

There may be some numbness of the forehead and scalp after the op which might be permanent in some areas.

How long will the operation last?

This procedure is long lasting and seldom, if ever, requires revision.

Will there be much swelling or bruising?
You can expect to have swelling of the forehead and even around the eyes for two to three days after the operation.